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Safeguards: Legal Issues

If safeguards have any useful role to play in the trading system, their ability to play that role going forward is in some jeopardy.

Safeguards: The Economic Function of Safeguards

The standard economic case for free trade counsels against the use of safeguards.

Safeguards: The Legal Foundation for Safeguards and Its Evolution in the WTO

GATT Article XIX(1) provides. . .


The term safeguards refers to trade intervention by national governments to address the injurious effects of import surges on import-competing industries.

Rules of origin: Effects of ROOs

Although it is tempting to think of ROOs as necessary bureaucratic nuisances, they are often far more.

Rules of origin: Defining ROOs

There are four common criteria for defining rules of origin.

Rules of origin

Rules of origin (ROOs) specify the conditions under which a good is deemed to originate from a country and hence is eligible for preferential treatment.

Ricardian model: The Role of the Ricardian Model in Understanding the World Economy

TheRicardianmodel was introduced long ago to explain one of the most basic concepts of economics, comparative advantage. . .

Ricardian model: Extensions of the Simple Ricardian Model

Before considering several extensions of the simple model described here, it is reasonable to ask what extensions would not be acceptable. . .

Ricardian model: The Simple Ricardian Model

The simple Ricardian model depicts a world of two countries, A and B, each using a single factor of production, labor L, to produce two goods, X and Y.

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