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The economist John Maynard Keynes (1936) defined speculation as the purchase of securities at a price above their fundamental value with a view to sell them at yet a higher price. . .

Specific-factors model

Most undergraduates in their first year in economics have been exposed to an important ingredient in the specific-factors model. . .

Special drawing rights: Role of SDRs

From their onset, SDRs could be held only by governments, central banks, and official bodies such as the IMF.

Special drawing rights

Special drawing rights (SDRs) are an internationally recognized unit of account and reserve assets issued by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). . .

Special and differential treatment

Special and differential treatment (SDT) refers to provisions in World Trade Organization (WTO). . .

Sovereign wealth funds

Many capital-exporting developing countries look for systematic ways of raising returns on their international currency reserves on a long-term basis by creating sovereign wealth funds (SWFs). . .

Sovereign risk: Causes and Consequences of Default Risk

Several factors have been found to influence the likelihood of sovereign default. Historical data suggest that the risk premium on foreign debt (over the return on U.S.

Sovereign risk: Sanctions and Reputation

The risk that a sovereign will not honor its obligations with foreign investors is mitigated by two factors: the threat of sanction and the loss of reputation.

Sovereign risk

Sovereign risk refers to circumstances in which governments default on loan contracts with foreigners, seize foreign assets located within their borders. . .

South-South trade: The Gravity Puzzle

Using gravity equations to assess deviations between actual and predicted trade has been the most common approach to study SST.

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