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Purchasing power parity: Economic Factors

So far the discussion has mainly drawn from studies based on the time-series (a` la intertemporal) properties of exchange rate and price data.

Purchasing power parity: Real Exchange Rate Persistence

The persistence of real exchange rates is commonly used to infer the validity of PPP. If PPP holds continuously, the real exchange rate is constant.

Purchasing power parity: Basics of Evaluating PPP

Arguably, the PPP is the most intensely examined parity condition in international economics.

Purchasing power parity: Law of One Price and PPP

The law of one price (LOP) states that prices of identical goods from different locations are the same after adjusting for exchange rates.

Purchasing power parity

The notion of purchasing power parity (PPP) has a long intellectual history and can be traced to the 16th-century writings of scholars from the University of Salamanca in Spain.

Proximity-concentration hypothesis: Policy Implications

The proximity-concentration hypothesis provides explanations for FDI between countries with very similar factor proportions, cross-border multiplant configurations. . .

Proximity-concentration hypothesis: Empirical Validation

In empirical tests of the proximity-concentration hypothesis, we expect to find the share of affiliate sales in total foreign sales to be positively related to distance/trade costs. . .

Proximity-concentration hypothesis: Theoretical Framework

Afirm has several modes of servicing an overseas market: exports, FDI, or licensing. In deciding on its overseas expansion strategy. . .

Proximity-concentration hypothesis

The proximity-concentration hypothesis or trade-off is a way to explain why firms undertake horizontal foreign direct investment (FDI). . .

Primary products trade: Limited Dynamic Benefits for Primary Product Exporters

While advocates of comparative advantage trade predict that dynamic benefitswill accrue to any country, regardless of the specific products they export. . .

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