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Quotas: Comparison of Quotas to Tariffs

Quotas influence international trade flows by directly limiting the quantity of a product that can be imported or exported.

Quotas: Economic Impact of Export Quotas

A binding export quota constrains the amount of a good that can leave the country, forcing more of it onto the domestic market.

Quotas: Economic Impact of Import Quotas

An import quota is ‘‘binding’’ if the quantity that would be importedwithout thequotarestrictionexceeds thequota ceiling.

Quotas: Administration of Import and Export Quotas

Governments have used many different rules or mechanisms todeterminewhichinternational traders effectively receive the right to import or export under quota systems. 

Quotas: Use of Quotas

Governments have used import and export quotas to achieve a number of different policy objectives.


Quotas in international trade are government-imposed maximum amounts of a product that can be imported into or exported from a country during a specific period of time (usually a year).

Quantity theory of money: Excess Monetary Creation

Whatever predictive power the quantity theory approach may have over the long term. . .

Quantity theory of money: Criticisms of Quantity Theory

Critics of the quantity theory approach have questioned not only the stability of velocity and money demand but also the determination of themoney supply itself.

Quantity theory of money

The classical equation of exchange as it is applied today equates the money supply multiplied by the velocity of circulation. . .

Purchasing power parity: Inter- and Intracountry Analysis

Usually, both LOP and PPP are stated with the implicit assumption that prices in different countries are being compared.

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